Spotting a Fake Bronze Statue

One of the most popular pieces of home decor is the bronze statue. With its great popularity, the fake bronze statues has become quite a problem. The key to finding a real bronze statue instead of a fake bronze statue is knowing how to spot a fake.
The Workmanship of the Real Versus the Fake
The first line of defense against fake bronze statues is the workmanship. Fake bronze sculpture tend to simply not live up to the more classic lines and designs. If the workmanship seems to be off or the feel of the piece is not professional, it is best to seek professional advice before spending money on a piece.
The Coloring Matters
Most people see the greenish hue of bronze and immediately believe the statue is real. Not every statue with green and brown hues is a real bronze statue. In most cases of fake bronze statues the green hues will be present in the clothing areas of the piece. This is not consistent with real time aging of bronze. If you see a piece that is only green on the clothing, you can be sure the piece is not authentic.
Tapping the Metal
Bronze is a metal. When looking for a fake bronze sculptures, tap the metal with a hard object lightly. The sound should be metallic. You will want to tap on the underside of the statue and on all sides. If there is a dull sound that is not metal in nature, the piece is probably resin and not bronze.
Burning the Metal
As a last resort, hold a flame to the statue. If the statue is metal, nothing will happen under the flame. If the statue is resin, the resin will bubble almost instantly under the flame. That bubbling means the statue is not really bronze.