The process of making a bronze statue

The process of making a bronze statue then continues by making a wax copy of the original by putting wax into the rubber mold. When the wax is set and the rubber pieces are pulled apart the artist can go through a process of refining where needed. 
Depending on the faithfulness of the reproduction, the artist will take as much time as necessary to make sure that they are happy with the results. At this point, an edition number can be put into the wax to identify its place in the run.
Next, a tedious process of making a ceramic mold is completed. Openings are created for the air and wax to escape. Once the ceramic mold is done it is heated and strengthened. Only now can the bronze be poured into the mold. 
Once it has cooled down, the figure is freed from the mold and the careful finishing process can begin. Techniques like sandblasting might be used to get the surface exactly how the artists wants it. Then the artist can paint or otherwise color the bronze sculptures however they wish.
Making a bronze sculpture is obviously a very involved process requiring a great amount of time, skill, and effort. Next time you get a chance to see, touch, or heft a bronze, take just a minute to think about what a labor of love it really is to make one of these wonderful pieces.