1.What kinds of payment we have?
After choosing your products, we can offer you different kinds of payment such as TT, L/C
2.What transportation means can we offer?
After purchasing our products, you can choose the ocean and air transportation.
3.How to order out products?
You can purchase online, exhibition, or regular means. If you are interested in our vehicles, please feel free to send a direct emai to us!
4.How long the products will be finished?
The lead time is 45-60 days after receiving the deposit.
5.What is the MOQ? 
The minimum quantity should suit the package. MOQ:$8000
"Lost wax" process
Why are statues in bronze so costly? What gives them value beyond. That of a "souvenir" that ends up in a closet? There are many reasons including cost of materials (bronze, silicone for molds, toos, ovens, etc.) But mostly because there are very few people trained in the tedious process practiced by the ancient Greeks and Romans. Many time consuming, difficult steps are involved. In a world of hi-tech mass production, bronze casting remains essentially unhanged. Each and Every bronze casting is in reality an "original" and the following explains why. These are the basic steps involved in creating a bronze Sculpture using the classic "cire perdue" (lost wax) process:
· arting's original model
· silicone mold of the model
· create lost wax mold
· bronze casting
· clean mold from casting
· grind, rasp and file bronze
· assemble pieces by welding
· file and finish assembled piece
· polishing
· application of patina
All bronze piece are cast from a wax model regardless of the original material the model was sculpted in. A silicone mold is made from the artist's finished piece, and a hollow wax cast is drawn from this mold. The wax is then repaired, re-worked and finished to the sculptor's specifications. Prior to creating